Snowed In.

Hello again friends! Well, it’s February 6, 2017, and I never thought I’d be spending my evening watching an unstoppable blizzard take place outside but here we are! Typically weather like this is extremely unusual at this time of the year in Vancouver, despite it still currently being winter – I have a bone to pick with you Groundhog..*shakes fist*

The snow has measured up to an unsightly 80cm since the weekend *shudder* and will not let up…. for those that have to commute, it’s a Vancouverite’s nightmare…and for those without snow tires or four-wheel drive it can be their own personal hell, but I can’t deny the magical appearance it has despite the nightmarish driving conditions. All complaining aside! I am happy to be able to stare at it through my window in my warm home while curling up with a blanket, because there are some others that aren’t so fortunate. Plus, 80cm isn’t much at all relative to the amount people get elsewhere. I think some of us have a tendency to complain because we are usually spoiled with our somewhat mild winters!

Funny thing about the some 80cm of snow we currently have that when you’re dog sitting for your sister and brother-in-law and they have a miniature dachshund, good luck finding places to walk her – Meet Piper:


Initially I figured those legs never stood a chance..but with her level of spunk and determination, short legs be damned! You can’t get between Piper and a snow bank – even if she repeatedly sinks and needs rescuing. I don’t think I can bribe her back into the house with all the balls and treats the world has to offer. This little girl has given me true puppy fever…and I sure will miss her company and cuddles when she goes back to her home at the other end of the city on Saturday. I can’t say I mind the coziness this weather offers but with or without the snow – happiness is a warm puppy, I know this to be true!

Now before I sign off to tend to my guilty pleasure by watching what is likely to be the most DRAMATIC episode of The Bachelor – Bachelor fans unite! 😉 there is something on my playlist tonight that I MUST share…a favourite of mine and something for those who want to listen to a little bit of beauty ❤


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