Do Everything With Good Intentions

What drives you to be the best version of yourself and how do you see yourself getting there? Do you worry about outsider’s opinions and judgment or doubt your own capabilities?

If you do tend to gravitate toward worrying and doubting yourself, then take it from someone who has and at times continues to care a little too much sometimes (curse of the INFJ in me) and just focus on your intentions. If you have decided to delve into something that brought you joy in some type of way, then does it really matter what anyone else may think or say? Gonna go with a hard NO on this one guys! Most of us are on different paths and won’t always understand another person’s for lack of a better word “journey” …and we really don’t need to; it’s not something that needs to be understood. I’ve opened myself up to this outlet for my thoughts in hopes that it may help someone else who could be experiencing something similar, and this is what has driven me. I have an inherent passion for helping people and as much as I tend to ramble I also am a big believer in unfiltered points of view. I prefer to discuss topics on this blog authentically without second guessing myself but I can also respect that this isn’t everyone’s preference. Without trying to sound too repetitive, put your energy into creating your own path instead of judging another’s.

Something I’ve had to learn is not to wait for praise in order to feel like you’ve accomplished something. I have been so lucky to always have a support system but I know it’s not always the case for everyone. As long as you feel that you’re doing something that matters to you then pat yourself on the back and keep moving forward. It is great to have encouragement, but it can’t always be a requirement in your personal growth. Maybe this is why some people love inspirational quotes so much, and share them on social media. Words can resonate with you and mean something when you aren’t used to hearing them yourself. If you can use relatable positive quotes to your benefit rather than those with negative passive aggressive connotations then I say press on! As long as it’s for the right reasons and if it‘s purpose is to positively enrich your life and others.

But I digress!

Sometimes we all need a little push, if you don’t have someone in your life to help you out then I hope you can find the courage within yourself to go after what you want in life and make it happen. A lot of our goals are so attainable, just takes the decision to want it enough to try.

– Amy

….and because it’s Monday and Frankie the Frenchie agrees that Mondays are hard, here’s some cuteness to get you through the rest of your day! ☺18699780_10156122260596102_4093546845355822388_n


Exploring BC

Sometimes a staycation rather than skipping town on a holiday is much-needed. It’s what I decided to do this time around and I’m so glad I did. I live in beautiful British Columbia, in a place that is widely known as the “rainy city”, but I can tell you confidently that despite the dismal nickname, there’s nowhere I’d rather live. For the most part, our summer season is unpredictable but we have lucked out with beautiful weather thus far and I’ve been fortunate to be able to enjoy some sunshine on my vacation.

If you’re a nature lover like I am then you’ll want to take advantage of the hikes we have to offer. Lindeman Lake in Chilliwack was one of the first hikes I’d gone on years ago. It is on the shorter side at only 3.5km and will lead you to a beautiful turquoise lake at the top – which is a great reward if you’re hiking in the summertime and don’t mind the ice-cold water. The Stawamus Chief, more commonly known as “The Chief” is a popular hike in Squamish with three lookout points: 1.3km to the 1st peak, and 4km to the 2nd and 3rd peak. This makes it pretty doable for most people as you can stop at the 1st peak if you’re unable to push through to the 2nd or 3rd and the payoff is still a beautiful view. If you’re not much of a hiker but still want to spend your time somewhere scenic, Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is an excellent option. Great for kayaking, paddle boarding, or enjoying the beach. I went there a few days ago and it is truly what postcards are made of…sometimes when I go to places as beautiful as this I can’t believe that it’s basically in my backyard. (Picture below taken by my boyfriend who has a new-found love for photography)

Chilliwack Lake


I am somewhat of a beginner hiker but these are a couple of hikes on my to-do list this summer (I am also currently on the hunt for some hiking shoes as well so if any of you have recommendations please leave them in a comment below!):



This is an 18km hike and takes around 5-6 hours. I may need to work my way up to this one but since the best time to go is between July-October, I figure I have time to work toward it!

Joffre Lakes


This hike is 10km and takes 4-5 hours. The best season for this hike is said to be June-September and might be a good one to do before Garibaldi.

What I’m still hoping to do – before I am back to the grind so to speak – and if sunny weather prevails🙏🏼 is bike along the seawall in Vancouver. For such an expensive city, there are many activities that don’t require a lot of spending – and that works for this frugal girl🙋🏼! One of my favourite things to do is make a day of it and head out earlier in the afternoon, follow it with ice-cream on the beach in English Bay and watch the sunset; may be cliché but still not something that I’ll ever grow tired of doing. When you’re happier than a clam to just be outside and enjoy the city you live in, life is pretty good!


Amy – Happily Canadian and even happier to live in this beautiful province 😀