In My Life, I’ve Loved Them All.

As I’m gearing up to celebrate my nephew Cohen’s 7th birthday celebration this weekend (Celebration #3! – the joys of my sister having multiple extended families!) I can’t help but feel a little bit emosh (typical Amy for those who know me…). Mostly because of Facebook memories reminding me how fast time has flown and how quickly he is growing up. Specifically, it reminded me of something that happened about 5 years ago to date. I sadly had to say goodbye to a pet that was my very best fur-friend and partner in crime. To cheer me up, my sister had filmed and sent to me a video of my nephew saying in his adorable 2-year-old voice “I love you Auntie Amy” …waterworks ensued…and it was just what I needed to hear to make my heart feel full again. Kids can so effortlessly make you feel better when you’re in a bind or having a rough time in general. To be honest, I can’t remember what life was even like before being an Aunt. I don’t have kids yet, but the feeling of unconditional love is real when you have nieces and nephews, so I imagine it will be tenfold when I have a family of my own.

Cohen through the years…be still my heart ❤

Time really is so valuable. As much as I already feel this way, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the importance of family and keeping them close to you, especially my relationship with my siblings. My sisters and I were always close as kids and despite the 5+ year age gap between us, we really made our time together count – even when I was (occasionally) the annoying little sister trailing behind them. We were adventure seekers, imaginative and lived our best childhood going anyplace our bikes could take us. Side note: Does anyone else love the scenes from ET where the kids are riding their bikes through the forest?? There’s just something about it that gets me feeling all nostalgic.

I like to think that I’m a sentimental person and due to that I guess you could say I’m a keeper of mementos. They’re reminders of a time in my life that was special and preserve the memories attached, at least for me and my forgetful brain. I try not to go overboard since I’ve been practicing minimalism, so most of what I have can fit in one box (perhaps on the larger side..). Possibly one of my best kept memories between myself and my sisters is a cassette tape in which we recorded what I would say was our adolescence in a nutshell. And yes you read that right, a cassette tape! Such a thing of the past…I have truly aged myself! We didn’t realize at the time that we were creating something that we would one day look back on and laugh hysterically over, we were just having fun. The three of us recently got tattoos to symbolize our sisterhood and it was a decision I’m certain I’ll never regret. We may not get to spend the time together we once did as kids, but the time we do share is always well spent. Also, I can confidently say that no one can appreciate and take pride in quoting classic movies quite like we can. 😉 “Keep the change, ya filthy animal” 


Birds who flock together❤️Our Tattoos

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