Do What Makes Your Soul Happy!

Lately I’ve been rediscovering some passions of mine that I used to hold near and dear but that dwindled as time went on. I’ve always been more musically and artistically inclined. Playing guitar and sketching were my ultimate loves growing up! My mother is an amazing artist and so I guess you could say I inherited her creative gene – though I’m not nearly as gifted as her! One day when I get her permission, I will share with you some of her amazing masterpieces.

I remember getting my first real sketch book when I was 12 and this is what really made me realize my affinity for art. I would spend hours sketching without realizing how much time would pass. I think that’s a clear sign that you’re doing something meant for you, when you’re not watching the clock every second and step of the way and can just BE in the moment and fully enjoy it. We are usually our own worst critic and that was ultimately what led to me trying new things and leaving art behind. Of course in retrospect I wish I had stuck with it, but as a person practicing a “create your own path” kinda mentality, what better time than now to give it another go! I attempted this little number on Sunday eve and while I am somewhat critical of it, as I think most of us naturally are when it comes to our own creations, I decided to just have fun with painting and not take it too seriously.

16427641_10155676836481102_2963052438176537293_nThe answer is yes, the wine certainly helped with this finicky watercolour project 😉 Dr. Loosen Riesling for the win!! (Thank you for this super useful and fabulous birthday gift Robin! 😀 ) but in all seriousness, hobbies should be something that you look forward to doing rather than consider a chore and I think that’s where I went wrong years ago, along with comparison and self-doubt. So! I’m going to press on and continue to paint, even if I’m not the greatest at it, because it downright feeds my soul.

I’m adopting this mindset and I think any of you struggling should too, and that is to banish the insecurities you have deep down within yourself and the thoughts or feelings that you’re just not good enough. Instead, decide that you’re going to put forth the time and effort to achieve your goals if you want them bad enough. Simply put, take the bull by the horns and create your own damn happiness! 😀


May all your vibes say,